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#Multi-Media #Creativity #Storytelling #Metaverse#Web3 #CreatorEconomy #A.I #futurism #Technology, #AIphilosophy #smartcities #MetaverseEntrepreneurs
#Multi-Media #Creativity #Storytelling #Metaverse#Web3 #CreatorEconomy #A.I #futurism #Technology, #AIphilosophy #smartcities #MetaverseEntrepreneurs

VNCCII aka Sami Tauber

Samantha Tauber [VNCCII] is the Founder, Multi-Media Artist, and Chief Metaverse Officer at VNCCII. She is a creative technologist that adopts the virtual persona of the fictional SuperHeroine Super Sentient A.I character, VNCCII.

Since 2018, Sami Tauber has been representing her project VNCCII as a 3D avatar character which has enabled cross-media integration. With full ownership of her multi-media IP, VNCCII creates metaverse-native IP, a Galactic Space A.IPERA story that traverses music, novel, animation, gaming, digital fashion, and merchandise for the Open Metaverse. She has been listed as one of the Top 10 Personalities disrupting the music industry in 2022, a Global Icon by Passion Vista in 2022, a Top 100 Women Thought Leader of the Future, the next MetaStar by IPSOS 2022, as well as as Top Chief Metaverse Officer of the Year by International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) and has also been listed as a thought leader by media outlets such as Fox, NBC, Music Tech on ‘Web 3, NFTs, the Metaverse and the future of the music industry’ as well as Grazia UK ‘Meet VNCCII: The Avatar Artist Revolutionising The Music Industry.’ VNCCII was recently nominated for a Music Metaverse Award at the ‘Metaverse Entertainment World Summit & Award Show’ alongside superstars such as the Gorillaz and David Guetta in the same category with Tony Hollingsworth (one of the world’s largest broadcast event producers over the last three decades for Nelson Mandela’s Tribute Concert, One Humanity & The WALL, Pink Floyd) stating that “VNCCII is an amazing music artist, but also a thought leader on web3 and the Metaverse.” Her “Future Humans 3.0” vodcast show allows her Vtuber avatar to speak with various thought leaders in the Metaverse such as Cathy Hackl, Teddy Pahagbia, Mike Pell, Amy Peck, John Buzzell, David Hanson, Spottie Wifi, Hrish Lotlikar, Alan and Julie Smithson to name a few.

VNCCII appeared as her VTuber avatar for the inaugural SUPERVERSE conference in Dubai to discuss ‘Avatars in the Metaverse & the Web3 Creator Economy’ as well as the LEAP 2023 Webinar alongside Pico Velásquez and Krista Kim regarding ‘The Unlimited Potential of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse.’

Samantha is also the Chair of the Entertainment Working Group at World Metaverse Council and has consulted for various Web 3 and Metaverse startups regarding creative and marketing strategy for both the Metaverse and Web 3. Speaking at various conferences and events around the world such as World Economic Forum, 100 Davos Women, The Creativity Conference, and Immerse Global Summit Europe, it’s VNCCII’s intention to provoke creative, divergent thinking that benefits culture and the future of humanity, especially in the new creative, technological, and financial renaissance of Web3 and the Metaverse.


Multi-Media Creativity and Storytelling in the Metaverse and beyond, the Web 3 Creator Economy, A.I and Creativity, The Future Symbiosis of Creativity and Technology, A.I Philosophy and the Metaverse, smart cities, The Power of Futurism and the Imagination to Change The World, VNCCII – The Next-Gen Futuristic Superheroine, Metaverse Entrepreneurs

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