#Futurism #Creativity #Human Experiences #PersonalDevelopment #CollectiveDevelopment #PurposeDrivenDesign #Education #Storytelling #Media
#Futurism #Creativity #Human Experiences #PersonalDevelopment #CollectiveDevelopment #PurposeDrivenDesign #Education #Storytelling #Media

Maxim Jago

Maxim Jago is an Award-Winning Filmmaker, Best-Selling Author, Consultant Futurist, Strategic Advisor, International Keynote, and Founder and Director of The Creativity Conference. He has consulted on future and emerging technologies for several international organizations, including NASA, The BBC, Nvidia, Adobe, and Google, and published a book exploring futurism for IEEE-USA in 2020 (with four more titles planned). He’s a member of the Board of Directors for the DaVinci International Film Festival, a member of the Board of Advisors for Oxco (for Oxford University in the UK and the BBC), an official Advisor for the charity Awareness Ties, and a Judge for the SXSW Pitch Program. Maxim is a well-known media technology educator and keynote and is the author of multiple popular books and training series including the official Adobe Premiere Pro Classroom in a Book, the Adobe Audition Classroom in a Book, and thousands of tutorials exploring media post-production and production, many of which have been presented as official learning materials for popular creative applications. He has also recently completed work on a practical philosophy book, entitled, How To Be.


The Creativity Conference (www.creativityconference.is)

Soon-to-be-published practical philosophy book, How To Be (essays on living a good life)

Maxim Jago

Futurism, Creativity, Human Experiences, Personal and Collective Development, Purpose-Driven Design, Education, Storytelling, Media

Video Samples:

The Creativity Conference, with Maxim Jago (Interview) accordion-plus accordion-minus

IEEE-USA Future Leaders Forum 2018 - Maxim Jago - Keynote accordion-plus accordion-minus

EVO19 - Coffee and the Meaning of WHY with Maxim Jago accordion-plus accordion-minus
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