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Pulledin.com Mission

Pulledin curates and produces the world’s best tech events and due to our advantageous position being exposed to the the world’s thought leaders, we supplement and grow our our base audience by aiming to become an authoritative provider of the latest news, events, and information on XR, Futurism, and AI. Our job is to inform and educate the public on all forms of XR (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, holograms, metaverse, immersive technology), and AI including ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence), and AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), and prompt development and task building. As producers of the most acclaimed tech events in the world, we have been at the tip of the sword on XR and AI developments and know that we are entering a revolutionary time and are here to help ALL people keep track of the developments as they happen.

Ownership and independence

Pulledin.com is is owned by Pulledin Productions, Inc.

Current owners and staff are listed on our website.

Journalistic Standards 

We are not journalists but we are curators and we do have several decades of journalistic process behind us that has helped us uncover some of this century’s most talented, provocative, and well-informed people, speakers, stories, organizations, companies, and events. We aim to be accurate, objective, and responsible in our reporting. This is regardless of if the news is based on original reporting or reviewing and corroborating with other sources.

Our team attempts to always cover news with integrity and impartiality without external influence from owners, or investors. We may publish news more regularly from companies that have partnered with our publication. By partnering with us they are sending us press releases so that we may accurately report on newsworthy content.

pulledin.com employees are not restricted from owning any equity in the companies that are profiled. Nonetheless, they are restricted from giving preferential treatment to any company that they have equity in.

These guidelines are reviewed and updated regularly.

Privacy Policy 

We believe in keeping user data secure, for more information please visit our privacy policy page.

Revenue Model 

Pulledin.com is an event producer first. We may list what look like competing events on our website and that’s because we don’t view any event, anywhere, as competition. We make partnerships with brands and companies that also partner with the events we list and that we have no connection to (besides being occasional attendees) and our principal executive audience knows all the players. 

Pulledin also builds sponsorships and curates for several global events and is asked to bring delegations.

Diversity Policy 

We believe everyone should be given equal opportunity regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, or race. We hire staff based on multiple factors which include knowledge of global events, knowledge in XR and AI, networking abilities and reach, honesty, and integrity. We do not base any of our hiring decisions based on race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

Anonymity and Confidential Sources 

We believe the public is best served when we identify news sources by their full names. We aim to press sources to place information on the record and seek independently to corroborate any information which is deemed off the record.

We believe there are times when anonymity is required in order to safeguard a source and under these circumstances, we may accept information from anonymous sources if we are able to verify this information.

News vs sponsored

We draw a clear line between what is deemed news/informational and what is sponsored and paid-for placement on our website and at our events.

WE ARE THE SOLE DECIDERS OF WHAT EVENTS WE DEEM TO BE THE BEST. If it’s not on our website it’s because we haven’t had time to add it, don’t know about it, or we do not feel it reflects what we believe is a world-class event standard. Our opinions are our own.

Accuracy and Corrections Policy

To make errors is human but we always attempt to publish correct information based on the data that we have available. When mistakes or omissions happen, we will aim to correct the error or omission as soon as possible. If you need to inform us of an error, please feel free to contact us.

Contact Us

We are always available to contact – everything you’ll need is on our contact page.

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