Pulledin produces World-Class virtual and live events. We are leading XR curators, offer award-winning logistics, and deliver big-time sponsor sales and fulfillment. 

Our position as producers of the world's largest and fastest growing XR conference placed us in a very unique position to help the world of events move to virtual formats - and we were among the first in the world to successfully transition a major in-person event to a virtual forum. We'll always be event producers and business relationship experts, but our offerings have adapted.

What we offer

Virtual Events

Format development & IP

Knowlege of many virtual event platforms

Globally leading XR experts


Exhibition Sales


Sponsor deck development

Sponsorship Sales and fulfillment


Live Events

Award-winning logistics

Format development & IP

Global Production

Exhibition Sales


Exhibition sales

Sponsor deck development

Sponsorship Sales and fulfillment



The VR/AR Global Summit Online brought together large audiences who were very interested in and knowledgeable about VR from around the world. The VRARA team tapped into fantastic presenters from so many parts of the world, with such great diverse backgrounds. We were thrilled to present the HP Reverb G2 at the Summit and reach such a powerful community.

Joanna Popper Global Head of VR For Location Based Entertainment, HP

HP Logo
As always, VRARA put together an amazing event. This year's online event was even better than the one in June. Aside from being a great production overall, there is such a sense of community around this event. With amazing speakers, great networking and virtual booths - this was absolutely the next best thing to being there.

Amy Peck CEO, Endeavor VR

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Our team was able to engage with new potential customers, partners, analysts and media, leading to over 300 qualified leads for our team to follow-up with including multiple Fortune 500 customer opportunities.

Mattney Beck Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Commercial AR/VR, Lenovo

To keep up with the latest events happening in the VR industry, one important person you will want to follow is the founder and executive producer of Pulledin Productions - Cameron Kootz {named #19th most influential person in VR}

Brandon Kerman, Writer/Journalist

Base Reality
The is the first time I experienced something at this magnitude. Very well structured, intuitive, and enlightening - A must for ANY tech enthusiast.

VRARGS virtual edition attendee 2020


Anne-Marie Enns
Anne-Marie Enns

CEO & Executive Producer

Cameron Kootz

Executive Producer

What's the story?

Pulledin is a relationship company that is disguised as a really good event production company. We give voice to sectors we believe in and work to make partnerships exponentially beneficial. Our insights are leading the way in event production. That’s us in a nutshell.

Cameron Kootz and Anne-Marie Enns started Pulledin in 2010 and gave birth to one of Canada’s premier conference companies. 

Both founders, Cameron and Anne-Marie, had successful careers as event producers prior to linking efforts; Anne-Marie had won awards for Best Event in Canada and Best Fundraiser and Cameron had already become a Billboard top-five earning music promoter. They both wanted to evolve into something more than their bodies of work because they saw trends that were driving events into a new sphere – internet, 3D Printing, immersive tech, AI, decentralized tech, new energy sources, sustainability; all great sources of future human prosperity. So we made a company that could give those ideas world-class stages. Today, the visionary collective gamble is paying off, but it wasn’t easy.

We had to become beginners, again. We started at the bottom, working on tech meetups and focusing on radical inclusion, a fairly bold move in 2010 that has grown into a necessity for all organizations as time moved forward — That was how we grew the world’s biggest tech meetup. Our strategy back then was to build a new audience from the ground up – a few years later we were producing TED, the VR/AR Global Summit, CVR, and other globally-leading projects.

Today, Pulledin brings really good news and information to people through inventors, pioneers, and visionaries using conversational mediums like conferences. In 2020, even with the pandemic shuttering most event companies, we continued to grow and evolved into leading virtual event producers and consultants. That should tell you about us, our resilience, and demonstrate our ability to see well into the future – move over futurists, we got this. Pulledin is focused on better living and sustainability, XR, and anything that makes our world a better place. Join us or hire us – you’re going to love what we can show you 🙂

#positivevibes ////////////// Better. Smarter. Stronger. ////////////// Better. Smarter. Stronger. //////////////
#positivevibes ////////////// Better. Smarter. Stronger. ////////////// Better. Smarter. Stronger. //////////////
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June 2-4, 2021

12 VRARGS Americas

Sept. 28 - Oct 1, 2021


May 11-13, 2021