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Xenco Medical announced as VRARGS 2021 partner!

Xenco Medical has partnered with VRARGS 2021 and their presence represents a growing number of medical field applications for AR/VR. Xenco Medical is at the intersection of materials science and biomechanical engineering, Xenco Medical’s SETx Technology eliminates the expensive, cumbersome, and inefficient processes necessary for traditional implant systems. Xenco Medical spinal systems are packaged sterile and ready to use. At the completion of each surgery, the Xenco Medical instruments are disposed of, never to be used on another patient.

We are extremely excited for the addition of their feature upcoming talk at VRARGS 2021 which will demonstrate how their groundbreaking design and manufacture process takes their innovations to real form. While this is a medical application focused process, the presentation will be eye opening for many in the fields of design, engineering, and manufacturing, as well!

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9 VRARGS Europa

June 2-4, 2021

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Sept. 28 - Oct 1, 2021


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