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Pulledin commits exclusively to virtual events through to spring 2022

Vancouver – March 28th, 2021

Pulledin Productions Inc, a British Columbia-based event production company is committing to producing virtual events until late spring 2022. The company producers, known for their work on TED, Bloor Steet Entertains, and the VR/AR Global Summit, among numerous other productions, credited the COVID-19 pandemic with the move to virtual events. The company’s Executive Producer described the decision:

“While we believe some cities will open for business sooner than others and it will be legally possible to execute events sooner than spring 2022, we want to operate with an abundance of caution for the safety of our guests and staff. Our events require the support of many publicly facing brands that would be needlessly taking risks supporting in-person events while highly effective virtual alternatives are working. Pulledin was well-positioned to go virtual due to our placement in the XR industry as curators. Our biggest project is “Next Level,” a co-production with Montreal’s Normal Studio, which is an immersive  esports and family entertainment format that will remain in development while we wait for a return to safe in-person activites. We’ll review our decision at the end of Q1 and the earliest possible live event we could produce would be for Spring 2022. Public safety is of the highest priority to us.” – Cameron Kootz

Pulledin has a full slate of virtual productions and will be rehiring staff as each production ramps up. The company’s founder/CEO, Anne-Marie Enns described the unexpected growth:

“We didn’t know what to expect when we first moved to virtual and we experienced forgivable bumps in the road when we took the launch of VRARGS Europa from, what was to be a 500 person executive-level event in Lisbon, to a new online platform because the first lockdown drove us to pivot to a virtual event format in less than 60 days. When twelve-thousand tickets were purchased, very near the actual date of the event, that was the first time we learned an entirely virtual event could sustain our audiences appetite to network and learn. Since then, we’ve plotted 6 major virtual events and now we have two new shows in development, in addition to new contract work. We’ve found ourselves with a new company structure, world-class virtual production skills, and in a position to grow during a pandemic. We’re evolving!” – Anne-Marie Enns


Brand image for the VR/AR Global Summit Summit that made waves by growing from a 500 attendee event to 12,000 attendees in its move to a virtual format.

In Q2, Pulledin is producing the second edition of FFCON and the VR/AR Global Summit North American Edition. In Q3 and Q4, the Europa Edition of the VR/AR Global Summit returns, and VCAST (Virtual Coaching and Sports Training Summit), a new production expected to draw over 10,000 attendees. All the events will use virtual platforms and feature many side events on various platforms including Altspace, RecRoom, among others.


VCAST Branding for an event that will be announced in Summer 2021 for Q4.


FFCON brand.

Sponsorship, speaker, exhibitor, and workshop opportunities

Pulledin is representing multiple sponsorship opportunities for all its events. More information can be accessed by simply contacting Anne-Marie Enns via the company website (pulledin.com). Pulledin Productions have open speaking engagements, virtual exhibition opportunities, and many other possibilities for sponsors. Brands that wish to align themselves with larger audiences and world-class productions are encouraged to contact Pulledin Productions.

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9 VRARGS Europa

June 2-4, 2021

12 VRARGS Americas

Sept. 28 - Oct 1, 2021


May 11-13, 2021